Smooth Ride Home Rural Road Program - Second Set of Bids Opened

This week Karl Aucoin, with Aucoin & Associates, opened the second set of bids for the Smooth Ride Home rural road improvement program. This time to upgrade 62 miles of roads north of U.S. 190 and in the Eunice area. It did even better. The apparent low bid by Coastal Bridge of Baton Rouge was $12,783,479 …— well below the parish's estimate of $15 million. "This will allow our money to go further so we can improve even more roads," said Parish President Bill Fontenot. "We are upgrading our roads to a standard that will last for many, many years to come," he said.. "This is work that has been needed for decades."

For now, Coastal Bridge is only the apparent low bidder. Fontenot said the parish engineer must review the bid to make sure it meets all the requirements, but he added that with a company such as Coastal Bridge, that should be just a formality.